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  • Speciality Pharmacy (Speciality retial, mail order, research)
  • Custom solutions for pharmacy's complex needs
  • Open relational database
  • Web based design
  • Seamless interfacing
  • Exceptional Support


  • Great for small practices or sole clinicians
  • Advanced features for larger or multi site practices
  • Eash to use Scheduling
  • Electronic/Automatic billing
  • Reporting
  • Other wrap-around services to fully support

Pharmacy Management Software

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Specialty Pharmacy

Focusing specifically on specialty pharmacy, PanaceaRx provides software solutions for speciality retail, mail order, and research pharmacies. Based on the platform of the Vector Pharmacy Solutions, the software provides and can be tailored to meet your specialty pharmacy needs.

Expertise in Consulting

PanaceaRx has subject matter experts in pharmacy, able to analyse and identify the best use of the software in your pharmacy. Learning about your specific specialty pharmacy is also a critical aspect of any software implementation, and you need someone to make sense of it all.

Ease of Use

Nothing is more important than software being easy to use, even if advanced functionality is needed.

Advanced Functionality

Whether its interfacing, web portals, or advanced tracking functions, PanaceaRx can provide advanced functions to make pharmacy practice easier, so you and your staff can focus on what's important. Whether that is clinical practice or building business, let our software help.


Therapy Practice Manager

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Intuitive, easy to use

The Therapy Practice Manager is intuitive and very easy to use. Simple screen flow from accessing clients, entering clinical records, billing, to reporting.


Sheduling your clients should be easy, with no hassle or missed appointments. The scheduler can be accessed via the app, or through the web portal with completed appointments turning during into clinical records.


Painless billing turns clinical service entries right into billed claims, no additional steps needed. PanaceaRx can also provide back to front billing services performing insurance verification, reconciliation, troubleshooting problem claims, and managing your network enrollment.


PanaceaRx staff are experts in healthcare technology and the application of software to clinical practice. Subject matter expertise, combined with the ability to analyze and assess the workflow and operations of our clients allows us to make the difference in the success of your healthcare organization. PanaeaRx consultants can serve a variety of roles depending on your needs. Whether it is to analyze the current shortcomings or workflow, design custom applications, or spearhead majors products, PanaceaRx has the knowledge and expertise to lead the way.


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